Harsh Environment

Harsh Environment is a collection inspired by beauty of the Arctic landscape and the challenges it is presently facing. The development of the oil industry in the Arctic and global warming are impacting the ice-encrusted landscape. As the earth’s temperature rises, age-old glaciers are melting and crashing into the sea at an ever-increasing rate. The Harsh Environment Collection is a reflection on the arctic landscape, a response to the pollution of industry and the loss of Ice Age glaciers. Silhouettes are informed by research into the dress and culture of Native Arctic Peoples. The color scheme is vibrant and haunting. Aqua echoesthe surreal blue-green of ice formations; while snowy white is juxtaposed with rust tones and black, evoking an ominous mood. Each garment features original textile treatments done by hand. This collection tells the story of an enchanting landscape plagued by industry and pollution and beckons reflection on man’s relationshipwith the environment and the profound, perhaps perilous, impact we are having on it.

Buoyancy Dress and Viscosity Legging

Dress: Silk organza with rusted and hand-dyed treatments. Legging: Polyester.

Ice Flow Blouse and Slick Jumper

Blouse: Silk with hand-dyed treatment. Jumper: Linen, silk cords with rusted treatment.

Corrosion Top and Pipeline Skirt

Top: Silk Jersey with rusted and hand-dyed treatment. Skirt: Bamboo, silk organza with rusted and hand-dyed treatment.

Ice and Oil Cape

Hand-felted Wool & Tencel, silk gauze, hand-dyed silk organza.